Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008


So... for our wonderful production of Macbeth, we found out who gets what part:


That means I get to see that King Duncan is dead... I get to insult Macbeth (call him a coward)... I get to sword fight... and I get to win the sword fight. I'm very happy. My friend Elizabeth gets to be Macbeth for that scene (the only two guys in it didn't want to be Macbeth so we have two girls switch off) Elizabeth and I will have lots of fun choreographing the sword fight. Her twin sister Alexis is Lady Macbeth for the same half Elizabeth is Macbeth (we also have two girls switch off Lady Macbeth) I hope the audience doesn't get confused.

For those of you who don't know or get your works of Shakespeare mixed up; A very short summary: Macbeth is very trusted by the King of Scotland. When returning from war, Macbeth is greeted by three witches telling him he will become King. When Lady Macbeth find this out she makes sure that Macbeth kills the king. Consumed by guilt, having killed the king Macbeth, (now king) starts to become mad. (crazy) Lady Macbeth, also guilty, sleep walks, wringing her hands and talking in her sleep. Macbeth goes back to the witches and asks them "what now?" They give him warning of Macduff. In the end, Lady Macbeth dies; Macduff, confronts Macbeth and kills him. The crown goes to the rightful heir, the King's son.

All in all, it will be fun to put it on for the rest of the 8th grade at the end of the school year.


I hope your 24th year brings you lots of wild adventures. We are looking forward to seeing you in the summer, and can't wait to hear where else your travels will take you!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Homeward Bound

We are on our way (almost). We plan on leaving bright and early tomorrow morning. And hope to avoid all the bad weather in the central states and arrive in Cardston next Wednesday morning. Wish us luck

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just wanted to say, that we will be thinking of little Marlie and our prayers our with you.

Monday, April 21, 2008


So... I'm sort of just sitting here, doing things I normally do while I sit in front of my computer. (listen to music, chat with a friend over the internet... etc.) And I felt like posting something, but I don't really know what to post-there's not much going on here. So... let's see:
For the end of the year, a couple of students are performing MacBeth (a very watered-down version) for the rest of the 8th graders, and I'm a part of that. I want to be MacDuff who gets to swordfight with MacBeth but we haven't been assigned parts. I did sort of get the hint that I was the most expressive of the people reading because they chose me to read in every scene and the teacher always smiled when I said something with particular "oomf".
We have to take a state test here in Washington, called the WASL (washington assessment of student learning) It messes with our schedules because we have to stay and take the test for 4 periods then go to our 5th period (yay that's Band for me!) We took it for three days last week and have to take it three days this week. When you're in 7th and 10th grade you have to pass the WASL to pass the grade, luckily I don't have to this year... even though the test is really easily,(well for me) it's just time consuming.
I've memorized pi to the 27th decimal... It sounds cooler when I list them off in front of you but... 3.141592653589793238462643383... isn't it awesome? : )
Okay, I told you not very much was going on here... Hey! I realized that here on the blog I haven't heard from or about Adriana or Addy or all the "little peoples" what have they been doing? I'd like to hear from them... Bye! ~J'Neil

It's finished!!!

Hey everyone
Just wanted to share the good news--I FINALLY finished my thesis!! YEA! It was sent to the binding people on thursday and I completed all releveant documentation and, most importantly, paid all required fees and I'm set to convocate on June 5. I will expect to be addressed as Master Kathy in the future (especially by Craig M)! Just kidding, I'm just happy to have the whole thing done. In true 'Kathy fashion' I took it right to the wire, but did beat the deadline by one day! So I'm singing 'School's out for the summer, school's out forever. No more books, no more teachers' dirty looks'. If only you could all hear me singing, it would be much better. If anyone is just dying to read about the career aspirations and perceptions of nursing of students in a high school leadership-training program, feel free to let me know and I will gladly forward the fascinating read--all 100 pages.

Hope this finds all of you well and happy. We are currently expereincing the worst spring storm in 20 years with up to 50-60 cm of snow predicted, but even that can't dampen my mood! Take care all.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sam's Assignments

If you haven't yet had the opportunity, I'd reccomend you check out Sam's blog. He's been posting his assignments for his creative writing class, and reading them is a real treat. You can visit him here:

Sweet Home Alabama

The band I play in has made a decision about playing “Sweet Home Alabama” - we don’t. We took it off our play list a long time ago. Unfortunately, we can’t seem to get away from it, it gets requested at just about every gig. Well, Sam has steered me to a version I can appreciate. It’s from a Finnish band called Leningrad Cowboys. Here they’re performing with the Red Army Choir. They’ve also covered Led Zeplin, Metallica, the Beattles, Uriah Heep and many others.

The End of an Era

I think that Theresa and I are the only ones in the family that are sad that Grandma and Grandpa's mission is over so soon. We've had such a great time with them in Virginia these last couple of year that we don't want to see them go. But last night, when they took us out to dinner for the 716th time, we realized that they will be gone in under two weeks! So, thank you once again Grandma and Grandpa for all that you did for us these last few years - we really had a good time and will miss you both terribly.

But the truth be told, we are not going to stay in the Old Dominion for long either. Just because I have been asked by various people, I will set the record straight. I will be leaving Virgina on about the 15th of May and once again driving across the continent - this time to Pal Alto California. My internship begins on May 19th. Theresa, who has to stay behind in order to finish her pharmacy technician program, will be flying out to join me on May 25th. If anyone has wanted an opportunity to visit San Fransisco, you all are welcome to visit at any time. I will be at work every day, but Theresa would be more that happy to play hostess. The bad news is that my internship doesn't end until Aug 8th, which means that I'll miss the big Cottle reunion - making this the second time that I will be the only Cottle missing (oh wait, I guess Jeff wont be able to come either). But yeah, we're really excited to spend the summer in California, and I'm not joking when I said you could come visit (a'hem Holly and Amy).

Saturday, April 12, 2008

end of scool year!

hello all,
So school is finished for the year - whoo hoo!! I only hvae ot write 3 exams over the course of the next 2 weeks (so these next two weeks will go by fast - with some leasure time)... With the end of the school year comes the party that the Edmonton YSA puts on every year. Here are a couple (cause I took too many, and of people you wouldn't know) of the pictures from last night. The theme was "Academy Awards". The picutre of the girl that you dont know - I just wanted you guys to see her skirt - she made it all by herself, all out of men's ties - amazing no?

Hey also some good news - now nothing is set in stone, I'm just trying to weigh my options (since I will be graduating soon) - so don't get too excited.... But there are some requiters in Edmonton at the end of April. They are looking for some Canadian teachers... I thought that would be interesting - since they say there could be a job position lined up.... But ya - so I emailed them and I have a preliminary screening interview with them on April 30th... You're probably now wondering where it's for --- well......... It's for teachers in the UK! Isn't that exciting?!?!?!?!!! But granted this is just an interview, and then afterwards they're going to decide if they have a position right for me (and to see if I'm interested in doing this), and if there is then they'll send the video interview to their UK headquarters and then that's when they'll decide if they want to hire me... Wow --- so nerve wrecking being so close to graduation... If nothing does come of this, then at least it'll prepare me for the interviews that will soon follow! :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Holly the picture is from the internet, we have nothing of the sorts.

From Craig M

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I imagine that you are all as disappointed as we are that Theresa's reign is over. Darn that North Carolina! I guess that Theresa and I had a bias because we watched them play in Virginia and they were amazing. But congratulations to Craig and Kris, and especially to Craig for picking the point spread in th final game. I don't know about all of you, but I had a great time playing in this bracket. It makes watching the games more exciting - almost too exciting sometimes (UNC...)

Craig C: 6
Kristin: 5
Sam: 2
J'Neil: 2
Randy: 2
Theresa: 2
Addy: 2
Ben: 2
Matthew: 2
Grandma: 2
Craig M: 0
Roger C: 0
Grandpa: 0

[Edit] In terms of overall scores, I don't know if we ever contemplated naming an overall winner, but I've taken the liberty of figuring out scores. Since each round had a different scoring system, I equalized their weight with a simple system. Basically, in each round your points are determined by your standing (i.e. if you came in first, you get one point, second - two points etc. - If you didn't participate in a round, you get 15). Then I added up the scores and, since this is a golfing family, the lowest score wins! Here are the overall standings - congratulations everyone:

Theresa: 5
J'Neil: 12
Sam: 12
Randy: 14
Grandma: 14
Craig C: 16
Kris: 19
Addy: 19
Ben: 21
Roger: 24
Craig M: 25
Grandpa: 28
Matt: 30
Brent: 34
David: 39
Holly: 43
Jodi: 44

I love sprig

I just love the pictures of you all. Especially the pictures of all the blossoms in spring. What a beautiful area this is. When I get home and see fields and fields of wheat I will think that is a beautiful sight. In fact I am starting to look forward to fields of green as far as the eye can see. Just hope that the snow is over!
Just a couple of short notes
1. I hope you enjoyed conference. Some excellent talks, and what other church can boast of a leader and prophet that can wriggle his ears (Priesthood meeting - you had to be there). My favorite was the talk by M. Russell Ballard honoring women. If you only read/watch one talk, make this the one.
2. In one of my classes we talk about the importance of developing talents, so I have each class member share a talent. We had girls who had sewn there prom dresses, a demo on basketball, juggling, spending weekends as a volunteer to medical staff providing care for the poor, and so on. When it came Ashley's turn she got up and started talking about how she liked to sing (but didn't sing) how she like to sew (but didn't show anything) and several other talents that she talked about but did not share. And she talked on and on and on. When she finished, just as she sat down she said, "Oh I forgot to tell you my talent - it is talking!"
3. Sister Cottle's Institute Choir held an awesome spring concert and talent show last night.
4. If Theresa wins the final round of the Cottle March Madness I'm going to demand an investigation of the entire NCAA basketball program.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Don't worry Amy, we are not warm and cozy, this morning as I went to pick up Matthew at school, it started to snow a lot. I am so tired of this, please spring come already.

Snow in April?!

So to make all you southerners feel extra comfy in your warm homes... Starting @ about 7:30 PM Friday night till about 10:00 AM Saturday Edmonton had a huge massive snow fall - so we were back up to our ankles in snow .... sad part about it is that it was over one night! It is now almost melted (there are still some patches left) - but that is the wonders of the spring in Northern Edmonton! *Cross your fingers that there wont be snow on my birthday again (there was still snow on my birthday 2 yrs ago).*

ONLY ! MORE WEEK OF CLASSES - Then a week of Finals - the SUMMER!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!
Then I only have 4 weeks of classes before I go and do my student teaching, and then graduation!!!
Then a trip to Europe (Europe here I come!)!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Secret Society Member Wanabe

While visiting my favorite site when bored, I ran across this post about secret societies. Imagine my surprise when I actually did know of one of them. I know I'm not a UVA student but I've displayed my interest

What I figure is, who would you be least likely to be in a secret society? The one talking about it? No one would ever suspect me with an obvious display of society interest. Anyway thus far I haven't heard from them.

That being said I thought this might be a good time to share some pictures from my visit to Virginia.

Typical tyrant picture that Randy told me I needed to do in the Rotunda on the UVA grounds

Visit to Thomas Jefferson's house

Smithsonian Museum American Treasures, I was a little surprised to see the sand stone there. Thought it was kinda cool.

Theresa and I at the Capital in Washington D.C.

A stop at the Lincoln Memorial

A view of the Washington Memorial from in front of the White House

In front of the White House

At Natural Bridge. This is the only picture I have with Randy from the trip. Just wanted to prove that he was there. He was nice enough to act as a photographer for me and let me use their camera.

I also visited Grandma and Grandpa while there but those pictures are located elsewhere but check out my Blag. That was in front of SVU, obviously. Anyway I had a good time and would recommend the visit to anyone. Randy gives quite the tour of the grounds and they know the cool places to visit. Thanks.

(P.S. as I was labeling the pictures I realized I'm not 100% on the places we visited. Sorry if something is wrong)

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools

Ok, I just have to say, that you got me grandpa. Didn't even cross my mind that it was a joke. I immediately called Jeff and told him that I was bummed. So good job.

New banner

I love the new banner as well. Who is that dark mexican imposing in the back?

April is Here

And with the beginning of this new month comes the offical unveiling of the new banner! Thanks to Kris for sending in this picture, as well as a number of others, which will undoubtedly appear in the months to come.

I hope that April is a good month for all. Here in sunny Virginia, things are really starting to look like spring. Theresa and I went out last week and took some pictures of the blossoms that are everywhere here in Charlottesville. I almost wanted to use one for the banner, but Kris' of all the grandkids was too hard to turn down. So, I'll just share the pictures in this post. Happy Spring everyone.