Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just Couldn't Resist

Elections are close at hand and I just couldn't resist sending along this quote found in a book called Supreme Courtship by Christopher Buckley (page 3)
"...majority of the United States Congress, whose members understand that their main job, their highest calling, their truest democratic function, is to take money from other states and funnel it to their own. What greater homage to the Founding Fathers and the men who froze at Valley Forge could there be than a civic center in Tulsa paid for by the taxpayers of Massachusetts?"
Make sure and vote next Tuesday
Love Grandpa

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ward Talent Show

This is a ward talent show performance that is hard to beat...

Monday, October 20, 2008


Ok so I know the trip was over a month ago but I just got my pictures transfered onto my computer so I thought I would share some of them with you and give you my take on the trip.
Well as I'm sure you all know it was me, my parents and Grandma and Grandpa. My parents and I arrived in the big apple early Sunday morning, extremely tired (you try sleeping over night, on a couple chairs, in the middle of an airport cafeteria with a beach towel as your blanket) but really excited. Since we couldn't get into our hotel we became wanderers in Central Park.

We did eventually get to the hotel, and get to sleep, then on Monday the sight seeing began. We did the uptown tour where we saw the temple and many museums.

Then came the downtown tour with the Chrysler Building,

a stop at the Empire State Building,

and of course Lady Liberty herself.

We also went on a night tour and to see the show "Wicked" on Broadway, but for me the highlight of the trip came on Wednesday when Grandpa and I left Flushing Meadows early to go to a taping of the Colbert Report.

I'll admit I was a little worried about taking Grandpa since he's never seen the show but he enjoyed it and I was on the biggest high. I don't think I could have had a better time, we were sitting on the front row, audience left, really close to Stephen's desk. He even noticed me wearing my Colbert sweatshirt and commented on it, to me during one of the commercial breaks. I could have gone home right then and been happy but there was still so much more to do.

Two days worth of Tennis. We got to see a lot of top tier players, we had great seats, and we even got to experience a small rain delay which delayed game play and we were watching tennis till 2am. It was a true US Open experience.

So needless to say by Saturday we were a little tire but we still had one last piece of Americana History to visit. Of course I'm talking about Yankee Stadium.

The day was really hot but the game was really good. I have never been to a baseball game with so many people and with so much energy. It was awesome. After the game we just had the rest of the day to enjoy the city. We ate at Lindy's (famous Cheesecake) and sat outside and did some final shopping.

Packing that night was one of the most arduous tasks I have every had to do but I had a great time. I definitely want to go back
so we'll have to see. If anyone is looking for a travel companion, you know where I am. Till next time...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you all!  Today we get to celebrate Columbus Day, where everyone still has to go to school and work, and a few stores have "sales". You should all be jealous.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


J'Neil will have to post the formal pictures from the dance, which I think are great... But here are a few taken at the house before she left.

One of the funnest things is -- she has this green frog necklace that she loves. She wanted to wear it to the dance, but, well, it didn't go so well with the dress. So she attached it to the base of her tiara and she had a little green frog in her hair all nice. It was cute. I wish I had a picture...

Attention J'neil


I want to see some homecoming pictures. I know you have some!!!


Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Holly. I know it's not quite Thursday yet, but I am remembering NOW, and there are no guarantees tomorrow. So hope you have a happy Birthday.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Where to call Grandpa

On the cell phone thing (see Jamie's entry below). I have a North America plan, so as long as I don't go over my minutes (which I never do) there is no cost. That goes for 540 460 5546 and 540 460 5547. And if you are a Verizon customer there is no charge on your end either. Also our home phone is 403 653 3831

I'm still here

Hello all,
So I've been reprimanded by my family for not going on the blog for a long time - so here I am. To tell you the truth I have not really had a chance to do 2 things these last couple months. 1) watch TV (I even missed the season premere of my favorite have to see TV show), and 2) spend more than 5 minutes on the computer that is not school related.

You ask why? Well - as many of you know this is my last semester in school - I will be finishing school in Dec - but I wont be walking across the stage until June (boo hoo). This is the semester of my last practicum (student teaching). I am only taking one class this semester, but it's an intense class (well just that it has a lot of reading that I have now given up trying to keep up with, AND it gets you kind of scared with all the legal case studies that we've been talking about = this is the ethics/law class). I will be starting my student teaching Oct 14, and will finish Dec 12. I'm super nervous, because this time around I will be THE teacher! Scray!! But I'm excited.
So not only has this class been keeping me busy, I am still working @ the Out of School Care/DayCare on top of that. I have worked @ this daycare coming on 2 years. It's really nice, and I'm going to miss the kids for the 2 months I won't be working there. And then not to mention various activities I have @ night time.
I have also have heard from the employers in England, they want to start talking to me about the available jobs, unfortunately we have not been able to catch up with each other yet - but I'm still going to keep trying to get a hold of them, because that would be awesome!
I have decided to add a couple pictures - they are from the last week of August when me and Bailey were left alone. One of them is on the hill in the zoo (b/c we got tired of the zoo), then there's us on the bars - this is when we went park hopping (get it - instead of bar hopping we hopped b/w parks, lol), there's one of me posing b/c they (being Bailey and her new friend - my coworkers daughter) had a fashion show runway. Then there's a cute one of Bailey while we were Bowling - she beat my score in BOTH games we played! The next two pictures are to show how much fun I have @ work (w/out showing off any of the kids faces - hopefully), and then the last one is me and Bailey having a dance party (we were supposed be cleaning the house for mom as a surprise - oh well hee hee).