Thursday, January 31, 2008

sorry one more post

This is mainly for Grandpa because I know he used to watch it. But, on Deal or no Deal Howie is on a million dollar mission. So what does that mean you may ask? When ever a previous contestant does not get the million dollars they and another case with a million in it, so now they have 2 chances to pick it. Well the next show that is going to be on, which I thought was this week, but anyway it is going to have 10 million dollar cases out of, I think 25 maybe 20 I'm not sure. But think of the odds. I wish I were on that show.

Happy Birthday Ahslie!!

Today is Ashlies birthday. I can't believe my baby girl is 3 already. I will post some pictures on my blog this weekend. Hope you all have a good day.

Home Sick

hey i'm home sick and i'm realy bord!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you everyone for the congratulations on my Baptism. I had a lot of fun. We got to go out to dinner after. it was really good.
I just had my birthday party too. We went sledding, had a pinata and colored on T-shirts that had a picture of curious george on it. Thanks to Holly for making them while watching tennis. I think she's hooked. Anyway it was a curious george birthday. We had lots of fun. Wish you could have all been there. I'll try posting some pictures later, I might need some help but for now I should go rest. Hopefully I can go to swimming lessons tonight. Bye.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Blog 2008 1 28

January 28, 2008
This and that
A (Boy) Friend
Emily is a student in one of my classes. One day after class she followed me to my office asking all types of questions about the lesson. As we talked it became clear she was preparing to argue the case for the church with someone who had some serious questions. When I suggested this she admitted she had a “friend” who kept asking questions about the church that she could not answer - so she was "learning up" to be able to answer HIS questions. As Emily and I talked further I put the words BOY in front of friend and she quickly corrected me - just a friend, she would say, and so it went. We had similar conversations over the next few days and she always corrected me if I added boy in front of friend - even if I was joking. However - one day as she arrived to class she was just bubbling over with excitement. After the prayer and song I ask if anyone had anything to talk about - up went Emily’s hand. "I just got an e-mail from my BOY friend and he said, thanks to my answers to his questions, he is rethinking his position regarding the church." Silence - a few giggles scattered about the class - then one of the other girls stood up and said to the class "All together now - YOU SAID BOYFRIEND!" Emily turned a shade of red and then everyone had a good laugh - Emily laughing the loudest of all.
Can You Say - He Shoots - He Scores! Eh!
Our friends Marty and B. J. DeReus called (well B. J. called) and said they had a special treat for us Canadians - so they would pick us up at 3:30 for an evening in Roanoke (about 50 miles SW). After dinner we drove to the Roanoke Coliseum and lo and behold - a hockey game was listed on the marquee! But not just any game (hockey is almost unknown in SW Virginia - but the coliseum does have the ability to lay down an ice surface, periodic attempts to bring professional hockey to Roanoke have all failed). It was the GUNS AND HOSES Hockey Game. That’s right - the Guns (Police) were taking on the Hoses (Firemen) in the name of Charity and the teams were cheered on by about 3500 fans. The DeReuses thought this would appeal to us Canadians, and they were right! It's been so long since hockey was part of my life that I had almost forgotten the sights and sounds familiar in every rink - puck against stick, skate blade against ice, puck against board, fist against jaw and so forth. As the players skated on the ice for warm-up it seemed something was different - it took me a minute to realize just what. The skaters were moving in slow motion, at least in accordance with most hockey fan's expectations! The game proceeded at about the pace of a good Pee Wee league game. But it was so much fun. Both teams were evenly matched (The Police won in an overtime shootout) and the game featured everything a good hockey game should - great saves, breakaways, penalties, power plays, fights, fore checks and lots and lots of falling to the ice in crumpled heaps. When a breakaway happened I was the only one that hollered “Shoot, Shoot” and everyone else turned around to look at me. I wanted to stand and salute when, at one point, the PA system played the theme from Hockey Night in Canada. All in all we had a blast remembering hockey – at least a watered down version of hockey – for one night. All thanks to the thoughtfulness of the DeReuses.
Thought of the week – from Francis of Assisi “Preach the gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”
Love Dad/Grandpa/Elder Cottle

I’m sure everyone knows of the passing of President Hinckley – watch the blog for my recollections of the Prophet
Answer to last week’s riddle – What’s a porcupine’s favorite craft? Why, needlepoint of course!
And this week’s dumb riddle – Where did Santa go on Vacation?

Let me say, here and now the Giants will upset the Pats next Sunday, as I said before the first playoff game – never pick against a Manning in a playoff game (I have blanked the Colt’s game out of my mind)


O.K. before any of you get the idea that global warming has turned Edmonton into tropical north--here's the weather situation as of 7:00 a.m. this morning. Yesterday (Sunday) the snow and wind started. Over night we recieved about a foot of snow, which was blown around and drifted (it took Craig 1 1/2 hours to shovel our driveway this morning). The temperture is a chilly -30 C (that's about -22 F--I did the conversion this time) with a windchill of -46 C and the snow continues to fall. The warmest temp forecast for this week is -17 C. I realize I have probably destroyed any plans any of you might have had to come visit us, but I needed to uphold our rightful place as the most hard-done-by family members when it comes to weather. And even with these extreme conditions--not one school is cancelled, Craig and Holly are at work and Amy took the bus to univesity. Life just goes on. Only I get to sit in the warmth of my home and play on the computer! Talk to you all later.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Australian Open

Now as I commented on Jamies post, I haven't been watching Deal or No Deal however I have been watching the Australian Open. For those of you reading who may have not seen some of the games, namely my parents, you might not want to read the rest, you might figure some stuff out, so jump to the break. Anyway it's been quite the open, full of some incredible surprises. As I watch the womans final while at work, I think this is some fairly good Tennis, I wish I could play like that, and I can't wait to go to the US Open. Mom and I were coming up with some flags that we could bring and how we were going to dress up so we'll get noticed. I don't think Dad wants to sit by us.

Anyway, as I said I'm at work and I am bord. So I thought that I would update everybody on the happenings for me, not that it's that much. I did just get a perminant job at Global TV. I will be doing Script Assiting for the Saturday Morning and Sunday Evening shows. It is part-time but it's perminant and I'm going to be their #1 go to girl to cover some shifts. I also got an email about some training possisions on a new show that'll be shooting in Edmonton so we'll see about that too. Well that's about all that's new. I'm trying to get in shape and since we have a gym available where we live that hasn't been too hard lately. And with that I'm trying to eat better. I'm figuring out what to eat to get the nutrients I need. I want to thank those of you who have thought of me and sent me glutin-free recipes and stuff. I can't wait to try them. Well I better get back to work. Ta for now.

Deal or no Deal

Hey Grandma and Grandpa,

And any one else. Have you been watching Deal or no Deal? Pretty intense eh??

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Here you go Grandpa. This one is for you. Can anyone beat our heat wave this morning???

Monday, January 21, 2008

Are you ready for some Football!!!

It’s time to get your name on our annual Superbowl Candy Pool – just send me a note or email telling me what your favorite candy bar is and you’ll be entered. If you’d like, you can send me a couple of choices; in the event you are a lucky winner of multiple candy bars, you can have a variety. I’ll accept emails or comments on one of the blogs that I’ve posted this on (Live from Wherever or the Cottle Family Blog) – as long as I have your name and your choice of candy bar(s). We hope there will be lots of winners; last year we had eleven different people winning a total of eighteen candy bars. Like last year we’re including the extra points as winning scores. Anyone can play, young and old. So get your choices in early. As soon as we have the grid complete, we’ll send everyone a copy so you’ll have it for the game.

The fine print:

No submission of candy bars is required! All winning candy bars come from Kristin and me as a reward for participating in our pool.
Deadline for submission is noon on Friday, February 1st.

Each participant will be assigned at least one square representing possible scores. Based on participation we will use the traditional 10 by 10 hundred square grid or a smaller 5 by 5 grid. If the later is the case, two numbers will be assigned to each column and two numbers assigned to each row. Scores for the squares and square assignments will be made randomly. Every score change is worth a candy bar, regardless of how many times the score has changed during the quarter, and the extra point after a touch down does count as a score change. The score at the end of each quarter is worth an extra candy bar. The score at the end of the game is also worth an extra candy bars. So those who have the score at the end of each quarter will win at least 2 candy bars (maybe more, depending on the quarter and what else has happened during that quarter).

For example, if New York scores first, say a field goal, the score would be 3-0 New York. The person that has the square representing that score wins a candy bar. Then suppose New England scores a touchdown, making the score 6-3 New England: the person that has that score wins a candy bar. Then New England kicks the extra point, so then the person that has the 7-3 New England score wins a candy bar. If the first quarter then ends, that person (who has the 7-3 New England score) wins another candy bar.

Blog Jan 21 08

January 21, 2008
Another week - another 12 classes - both teaching and preparation – and that pretty much occupies my time. Once again I'm surprised how quick Virginians are to call off school. Last Thursday morning (5:30 AM) as I left the apartment to workout the sky was somewhat overcast (what little I could see) but no snow or other moisture falling, but as I got in the car and the radio came on the announcer was reading a long list of schools that would be closed, including Buena Vista Schools! Not a flake on the ground and school is closed on the basis of a weather report that a storm might develop later in the day. To be fair, by the time I left the gym some snow had started falling. As it turns out, we had a somewhat ordinary snow storm - about 4 inches of wet warm snow. However, by 2 that afternoon SVU had also cancelled all classes for the remainder of the day and until 10 the next morning. Only one problem - I had an evening class. Not only did I have this class but the previous week I had been chiding the class about what a bunch of pansies local officials were when it come to calling off school and further stated that, "You will never catch me calling of class for a little bit of snow." And, further to that, I had just sent out an email to everyone with the opening line; "This is your Superintendent speaking (jokes), we WILL be having class this evening!" Now, with the University closing down, I was "encouraged" by the Institute Director to cancel my evening class. So.....I had to send a second email, eating humble pie and canceling class. To make matters worse, the snow stopped and the weather warmed up. Now as I run into my students they give me a gentle (or not so gentle) reminder that I have turned into a Virginian pansy.
Now I don’t know about the rest of you and the winter you are experiencing but this morning here at Southern Virginia University it was 7 Degrees (-14 C). How many were colder than that this morning?
Stay warm and keep doing all the good things you are doing and find some more good things to do!
Elder/Dad/Grandpa Cottle

The answer to the dumb riddle of the week – How did the spider learn to spin silk? – It went to a website!
Now for this week DROTW – What is a Porcupine’s favorite craft? – answer next week.

Now for the important stuff – Great games in the NFL yesterday. Only one person picked both games correctly, but modesty prevents me from mention who. Everyone else was 1 out of 2. Now we have a couple of weeks before the Super Bowl, so put your thinking caps on.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Playoff predictions

Alright - this week I'm going to get it right. I knew there would be upsets last week, I just picked the wrong ones. I'm picking the Giants over the Pack - New York is a team of destiny and besides never pick against a Manning in a playoff game - RIGHT! I'm mixed on my second pick. It would be something to see a team go 19-0 but my heart is with the Chargers.............. my head wins out - Patriots win out. Craig M. already has his picks in place - Packers and Patriots - so lets hear from everyone else

Blog 2008 January 14

January 14, 2008
As part of our commitment to service we spent some time at the local Habitat for Humanity project. I laid kitchen floor and Sister Cottle painted. It was my first experience with Habitat and I was most impressed. Low income families have an opportunity to become home owners by putting in so much “sweat” equity, with most of the rest of the labor the volunteer type – supervised by a paid contractor. So the total cost remains low and thus the family can afford the monthly payments. This is a good idea.
We are back in school at last! While it was good to have a break and enjoy the Christmas holidays it is good to be back to work. Classes started last Thursday. I am teaching 6 classes this semester and Sister Cottle is teaching one class, conducting the Institute choir (also a one credit class), manages the Institute Library and assists where ever else needed. With the Wilsons no longer here we also visit, and represent, on behalf of Institute, the 5 Single University wards. So we manage to keep busy. Also, believe it or not, we are starting our last semester. Our mission will be completed in just about 4 months (107 days to be exact, but who's counting!).
It is good to see SVU come alive again. Many students stopped by to say hello and tell us about their holidays. We heard about family get-togethers, engagements, mission calls and even weddings (one girl brought a CD FULL of her wedding photos and Sister Cottle, bless her heart, took the time to watch and comment on each photo, I, on the other hand found an excuse to leave after about 20 minutes). We hope that each of you is settled back into the routine of family, school or work. May God be with you and remember you are all in our prayers daily.
Grandpa/Dad/Elder Cottle

For those of you that have been following the NFL Playoffs we are not doing too well in the prediction category so feel free to join in the fun – anyone can do as well as the “experts”!
Of the 4 games last weekend, David, Mel and Craig C. picked 50% of the games correctly and Brent and Craig M 25%
Answer to last week’s groaner – What do you call twin physicians? A paradox of course!
This week’s groaner – How did a spider learn to spin silk? (come on Adriana you can answer this.)

Friday, January 11, 2008


Congratulations Bailey!!! Very proud of you.

Jeff and Jamie

Monday, January 7, 2008

Blog 2008 - First of the Year

January 7, 2008
Happy New Year! I hope all of you had a good 2007 and are looking forward to an outstanding 2008, We had our adapt-a-family, the Stuarts, over for a New Year's dinner of ham, scalloped potatoes and all the trimmings, including Mom's homemade chocolate cake. However the hit of the meal was her homemade rolls - she made a full batch, 40 plus, and when I cleaned up later I noticed we only had 6 left (at one point when we were playing some games I passed around a candy dish, Jessica said, "If it is ok with you I'll have another roll instead of candy"). A year ago we also had them in our home and - true to a Cottle family tradition - invited the Stuarts to make predictions for 2007. I kept them for the year and then read them to all assembled in our tiny apartment (7 Stuarts plus 2 Cottles) and that brought a lot of giggles and chatter back and forth about whether or not a particular prediction came true. We finished up the afternoon with a rousing game of Chicken Foot (Mexican Train). A good way to start the new year.
Also let me start the New Year by expressing my appreciation to each of you not only for all of the kindness and thoughtfulness you have shown to us this past year, but - more importantly for the very lives you live - for the good things you do, the example you set and the honor you bring to the Cottle name, and may all of us strive to make 2008 a banner year. And may I close by adding my testimony as to the truthfulness of the Gospel, the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ that gives each of us eternal life. I also testify that we can receive true happiness in this life and throughout eternity by living the gospel as restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith and taught by the living prophets today, including President Hinckley and I say this in the name of our Savior, even one Jesus Christ: Amen.

P.S. Some of you have been asking how to join the Cottle Blog. I sent an e-mail to Randy asking him to send out the invitations once again. It is fun to read all the stuff placed there so JOIN.
The answer to last week’s silly quiz – The kind of animal you should never play cards with – A Cheetah! Get it? (Sorry J’Neil you were so close)
This Week’s Groaner – What do you call twin physicians?
My picks for the NFL – Giants over Dallas; Seattle over Green Bay (just call me the upset king on these first two picks); Colts over the Chargers and Pats over the Jaguars. Lets here from some of you – Brent, David, Roger, Craig and Craig – and anyone else

Love you all

Now that we are into the New Year, I want all of you to know that we survived the Holidays. Christmas Eve was a little hard without any of you around, but I look at my wonderful companion and feel so blessed to have him by my side. He is so good to me. We enjoyed the season by inviting lots of people over, who we knew didn't have any family either. I think they enjoyed it and we certainly enjoyed their company.

We are now preparing for school to start again. I feel it is a great opportunity to teach these young minds about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, mainly because I learn much more than they do.

As I hear of all the cold weather and snow out West, I think I like spending my winters here. It does get cold but it doesn't last long and when we do get snow it's usually gone by noon.

Love you all and look forward to being together again soon.

Grandma Cottle

Friday, January 4, 2008

An Invitation

Hey everyone
Hope you all had a safe and happy new year. We rang in the new year with our traditional fondue, birthday cake and games, games, games! Some new favorites are Castle Keep, Things and Cidital. Of course, there's always the old time favorites--Twister and Life. Now we are purging our house in an attempt to restore order.

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know Bailey will be baptised on Saturday Jan 12. You are certainly all invited to attend, and we would find room for everyone if you came. However, I do understand if you can't make it! Just want to let you know. She is very excited, as are we.

On Monday, it's back to work/school and the boring life, so I need to enjoy my weekend while it lasts.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Being very proud of Sam, I’m happy to announce his blog: Jacob’s Escalator. Make sure you read his Prologue along with his first post (The Notebook…). They are outstanding!

Way to go, Sam.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bailey's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Bailey!!!!