Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Home Again

Just wanted to let everyone know we are back in Cardston after three weeks of traveling. We visited such exotic ports of call as Kennewick, Seattle, Juneau, Skagway and Prince Rupert. I will post a couple of pictures when I get a chance. As some of you know, when you cruise Alaska the scenery is great - the weather not so much. We did enjoy meeting with all our friends from Hawaii days - so that made up for the so-so weather. We also had lots of fun (and saw some great Grandkid performances and personal tours) in Kennewick and Seattle. If you have sent us an e-mail in the past 3 weeks and have not received an answer this is the reason. We decided our trip would also be Internet free. So now we are home you can expect a reply soon, as I catch up on all my correspondence. Watch for some glacier pictures soon
Love, Dad/Grandpa

Monday, June 23, 2008

My Blog

Hello everyone again, I decided to make my blog "public" and I sent the link to everybody that I have an e-mail address for.. so if you didn't get it and you even care, here is the link. Happy reading!

Friday, June 20, 2008


Well hello everyone.. I am still alive. I just wanted to drop a quick note to let everybody know that I look at the blog frequently and I love reading all about everybody. It’s so nice to see that you are all doing well. We are doing great and would be even better if we found a house that we liked and could afford. Other than that life for us is good! I am working on getting my own blog up and running, so I will let everybody know when I get it finalized, until then it is really nice to hear from everybody and we are really looking forward to seeing you all soon! Heather

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Graduation Time

Hi All,
While mom announced her graduation earlier this year I thought that I should also announce mine. I did officially finished all requirements in December, but we had our convocation in May. Unfortunately I was not able to make it because I was working but the paper did have a section with all the names of the grads from NAIT and I scaned a few bits.

So this is my class. Check it out, I am in there. --->

Well that being said, Mom did go to her convocation. Here are a couple pics from the event.

Well that's all I hope you've all had a good finale to the school year, Can't wait to see everyone this summer. Till Then...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

San Fran Part II

I promised a while ago that I would upload some pictures from San Francisco, so here they are. Since that post, however, Theresa and I have gone on even more adventures. In particular, we went to a Redwood Forest, Headed over to a beach, and spent a weekend in Sonoma with my law firm summer program. Even though we don't drink, Theresa and I had a wonderful time in Sonoma (Wine Country). We had an Iron Chef Compitition, where our team had a standard set of ingredients and we had to prepare 5 appitisers. There was also a bicycle winery tour, that was quite lovely, and of course, plenty of relaxation. Here are some photos from San Fran, Big Basin Redwood Forest, the beach, and Sonoma:


I sent out the email already (and thanks to Heather, Amy, J'Nei, Roger & Craig M for responding!) but thought I would post it here as well:

Who among you would be interested in doing a murder mystery one night while we are there?

I am willing to set up and host a murder mystery if people are interested. Rather than solving the murder using a script, like the "How to Host a Murder" games, the game we would play has you working with (or against) each other, trying to accomplish your own secret objectives throughout the game. The winners are not the ones who first solve the murder, they are the ones that accomplish the most goals. Solving the murder along the way is an added bonus.

I'd need to know well in advance who is going to participate because I have to choose the game based on the number of people playing - every character is important, so you couldn't wait and decide that night whether you wanted to play. Your characters will be assigned in advance.

If you are not interested in playing, but would be willing to help supervise activities for the young ones while we play, let me know that too. Roger has suggested a treasure hunt for the kids and I think that's a great plan.

So, please get back to me on it - with a yea or a nay - as soon as you can. If there is enough interest, I will start working on it. Thanks!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

News from Randy, 1992

In school I'm working on slides. First you draw 8 to 10 pictures on a piece of paper. Then you turn the paper into plastic. Then you color the pictures. Then you write a script. Then you cut out the pictures and clip them on slide frames. Then you are ready to show them.

In Cubs on March 11, we made periscopes with milk cartons and mirrors. After that, we had a green cake eating game. One boy rolls a dice until he gets a six. Then he eats the cake until the next boy gets a six.

On March 9, we got a dog named Black Magic. She is a Shelty Cocker Spaniel cross. She is all black except her feet. She is getting more playful. She doesn't run away and you don't need a leash.


From the Cottle Family Quarterly, 1st Quarter 1992

Happpy Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day to Grandpa, Craig, Roger, Craig, Brent, Jeff and Christopher. Hope you all have a relaxing, happy day.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Well Hi Everyone!

It's been a while since I was on here, so I spent some time catching up with what I hadn't read.
So, what's up with me...

Last week was the last real week of school. We didn't get to perform Macbeth a week ago (June 6th) because of the weather but we did on Wednesday. It was really fun and through out the day people came up to me telling me I did a good job.
On Thurday we, as a whole 8th grade class, went to the movie theater and watched either Kung Fu Panda or Chornicles of Narnia. I saw Chornicals of Narnia and sat next to my friend John. Our friend Jacob kept on being annoying, but he was easy enough to ignore.
Now we get to Friday. It was the last day that we went to all of our classes, a little sad. My history teacher gave out awards to everyone. Mine was, "In spirit of Teddy Rooseveldt's "walk softly and carry a big stick" Award" (That's a great quote isn't it?) It meant that even though I didn't say much, my work was excellent and my few contributions were valuable.
After school on Friday was the 8th grade party. The theme was 80's so the played some 80's music, had a bunch of neon and things smiliar around the school. It was really fun. My friends and I messed around the whole time and never really danced, but enjoyed the music in various ways (such as jumping around, singing to it, etc.)
Monday is our very last day of 8th grade. (you may be asking: why monday? my answer: snow days) We're only going to be there half a day, and while we are there we're going to be watching a Talent Show.
Ah! High School next year!! Wow!! I'm going to miss everyone who's not going to the same high school. At least I'll get to do stuff with them over the summer. I can just tell I'm really going to like this summer.

My friend James moved to South Carolina on Friday. He wasn't able to stay the last two days so his last day was Thurday. I already miss him. We told him that he would look good with pink hair, so on the last day we got to see him, he dyed his hair pink. It was pretty funny, but still sad that he had to move. I've know him since 1st grade, but only this year and last year I've gotten to know him more. South Carolina is so far away!! : ( I'm trying to think of something else to say because thinking about James makes me sad, but I can't so I guess I'll just close with what James' best friend Tyler said about it, "If I miss him, that means I haven't forgotten him"

I'm excited for the summer in many ways. I'll get to spend lots of time with my friends and obviously in August I get to see all of you!!

I guess I'm done, that's some of what's going on in my world...


Friday, June 13, 2008


Monday, June 9, 2008

Jamie's life at age 14

From the 1st Quarter, 1992 edition of the Cottle Family Quarterly:

I am going to be turning 14 soon. I had to move to a new house. I didn't like the idea of moving. I miss all my friends. But we moved to a good house. I sort of like my new school and I like my new ward. There are lots of nice girls in my ward.

The first friend I met was in school by the name of Jennifer Major. She is really nice to me. On my first day of school, she showed me around and I ate lunch with her.

School and life is getting better. I didn't think things would work out, but they have.

I went to California a few weeks ago and I missed a whole week of school! I went down there with my friends to a wedding and we had a lot of fun. We even got to decorate the reception room and their car!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This and That

First - It has been mentioned before but let me (as a very proud parent - this goes for Mom as well) extend our Congratulations to Kathy Miller on the eve of her formal Masters Degree ceremony at the University of Alberta. WAY TO GO KATHY -

Second - We are alive and well and living in Southern Alberta where the weather is unpredictable to say the least - cold and raining this morning - hot and dry a few days ago. We also want you to know we are getting ready to embark on an Alaskan Cruise with many of our friends from the BYUH mission, departing from Seattle - but our trip will take us to Kennewick, Seattle, British Columbia, Seattle, Spokane and home. During that time we will see/hear band concerts, Shakespeare plays, dance recitals and piano recitals - and that doesn't even include the cruise!

Third - Randy and Theresa, good to see you made it to California. But be careful, very careful - because that California "experience" can grow on a person and you may never want to return to The East!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

San Francisco!

Happy June! Last time I updated the title banner, I was a continent away. Since May 1st, I have traveled across the country from Virginia to beautiful San Francisco (or Santa Clara, near San Jose to be exact). Now let me tell any of you who haven’t made such a long drive yourselves, this is a wide and varied land. It was really neat to drive through the dense eastern forests, over the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, across the great Midwestern plains and Nevada desert to finally arrive in the coastal hills of northern California. There sure is a lot to see, and if I hadn’t been in such a hurry, I would have liked to have stopped in more places than I did.

But now I’m here, and California is great. I enjoy my time at work, and Theresa and I have already had the chance to check out the local scene a bit. Last weekend, we went to San Francisco to check out the urban life (this is such a charming city) and this weekend we headed off to Big Basin Redwood State Park to experience the great outdoors (and great it was – those redwoods are huge!) Yesterday we also went to a cool, secluded beach, which was absolutely gorgeous. There really is so much to do here. I really am blessed to have been able to spend my summer in such a lovely corner of the country. And I wasn’t joking when I said our home is open to anyone who wants to visit (or, at least, visit Theresa, since am at work most of the day). I can’t wait to see Amy and Holly and my parents, and am sad that I’ll miss you all at the reunion.

I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures right now, my computer is being repaired and I will post some as soon as I get it back.

Grandpa's Facts & Figures

As published in the Cottle Family Quarterly, Second Quarter, 1992:

Fact #1: Amy is now eight years old and yours truly had the honour of being one of the speakers at her baptism service. I know she understands what it means to be a member of the church and what great support it can be to have the spirit of the Holy Ghost to guide and direct her throughout her life.

Fact #2: It is a long way from Cardston to San Diego, but a lot of fun. We made our annual trip at Easter time, with Roger joining us in the sunny South. We did all the usual tourist things and played lots of golf.

Fact #3: Roger now has a MBA degree from the University of Seattle. Congratulations, Roger! As part of the graduation time, Brent, Kathy, Mom and Dad traveled to Seattle where they were joined by Craig, Kris and Samwise for the festivities. I can tell you Roger cooks a mean BBQ Salmon and Brent is almost unbeatable when it comes to Trivial Pursuit 80's edition, and if you want to see an unusual movie, check out "Delicatessan". Not your everyday formula Hollywood production.

Fact #4: Roger is a top notch host

Fact #5: Samwise gets cuter every day. Now if he could just figure out the difference between forward & reverse!

Fact #6: Jeffry is a creative story teller. There is a future politician if I ever saw one.

Fact #7: Jamie will be starting her last year of junior high school this fall.

Figure #1: 153. That is the number years schooling comleted by the Mel and Jean Cottle Family as of June 30th, 1992. A pat on the back to everyone, and remember "Knowledge is power".