Sunday, August 23, 2009


Dateline – WASHINGTON (the state) – Last week Commissioner Craig Cottle announced the establishment of the new Greyhavens Fantasy Football League. The fledging league will begin operations for the 2009 season and hopes to provide fun and excitement for members of the league and their families. “The last several years have been pretty tough for us 49er fans, and we know we’re not alone. We hope this new league will give us something additional to get excited about,” Commissioner Cottle said. Left unsaid was that it looks like it may be another tough year for 49er fans.

The GFFL is currently comprised of the three founding teams: Dunedain, The Hand of David, and Snowmen. There remains room for additional teams, and in fact the league needs more teams in order to provide the hoped for fun and excitement. Cottle is on record as saying “we would like to open the season with at least six teams, would feel comfortable with eight, and could handle as many as ten.”

There has been an emphasis in the league on simplicity. Keeping it simple should attract the appropriate demographic to the new league. “We’re not looking for the hardcore fantasy player,” Cottle said, “rather those that have considered playing in a fantasy league, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. This, our inaugural year, will focus primarily on offense, have simplified scoring, and we anticipate minimal trading activity.” Of primary importance at the outset is the simplified draft format: owners need only rank the available players in order of preference and the draft will all be handled automatically on September 6th.

Team owners should register their teams for the GFFL as early as possible, but will have the next two weeks to rank their players for the draft. To register, simply visit the league’s website at join’s custom league . Any questions can be directed to Commissioner Cottle at or via any of his web presences (Live, From Wherever I Am, All Cottles Great and Small, Facebook, and even Twitter).

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sign that the world is coming to an end

Remember when SI had a little blurb in every issue entitled "Signs that the world is coming to an end"? Or something similar

Sign that the end is near
1. Over the past 10 years, golf has replaced ice hockey as the most popular recreational sport in Canada, according to Statistics Canada.

Anyone else have a sign that the end is near?

Whom do you trust

Alright, so I'm a little late with the answers (alright a lot late), but life sort of interfered. He we go - see how your choices stack up with most Canadians
1. Batteries - Duracell
2. Camera - Canon
3. Chocolate Bar - Hershey's (and I thought the only bar to trust was Snickers)
4. Credit Card - Visa (What an oxymoron - to use Credit card and Trust in the same sentence)
5. Deodorant - Secret (Men using Secret?)
6. Home Entertainment Equipment - Sony
7. Household Cleaner - Mr. Clean
8. Passenger Car - Toyota (In this family it think Honda might be the one)
9. Personal computer - Dell
10. Pick-up Truck - Ford (and I'm thinking about buying one)
11. Razor - Gillette (for both men and women)
12. Running shoes - Nike (My personal fav is New Balance)
13. Shampoo - Head and Shoulders (This is a surprise - Canadians must have a lot of dandruff)
14. SUV Manufacturer - Toyota (see comments above)

Thanks to all those who shared their most trusted ......