Tuesday, June 29, 2010


What is Black and white and red (read) all over? The newspaper – NO! A sunburned zebra – NO! it is Bennett, after being at the water slides all day long, wearing a striped shirt and telling Groaner jokes.
Announcing the First annual Cottle Summertime Corny Joke event
Where – Meadow Lake, Tuesday August 3rd 2010
Who can enter – Everyone. Open to all ages. All you need is one or more Corny jokes and the courage to stand up, tell the joke and endure the groans.

So bring along some of those real groaners (How do you stop an elephant from charging? Answer – Take away his credit card). And be ready to share them – that’s all there is to it.
By the way, by vote of Sam, J’Neil, Adrianna, Sophie, Bennett, Addy, Matt and Marlie; Grandpa Cottle holds the title as the “Corniest corny joke teller in the family. See if you can unseat him and claim the title.

See you all in August
By the way, where do cows go to see the history of cows? To the Moosum of course!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Home Again

So yes we are back home in Edmonton now :P
Ok so I have been suffering through some post vacation blues but I'm almost over it. Now it's time to plan my next big adventure, until then heres a few pics from this time around

First stop, the hallowed grounds of Wimbledon

View from the Eiffel Tower

Buckingham Palace

Big Ben & Parliament

Ok movie buffs, which castle is this? Official name Alnwick Castle

At the National Media Museum in Bradford

So this is pretty much what I do (minus the budget part, maybe if I worked on something bigger than local news)

Fountain Abby

Now for the tennis fans, who did we get to see play at the Queen's Club in London?

For more pics of our exciting trip across the Atlantic you can check out my facebook page (if you haven't already) And if you don't have access to facebook these links should allow you to see them all.

England (& a bit of Paris)

England Part 2

So that's it for this time around, anyone care to join me for my next adventure.....?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

*this picture is on the Eiffel tower, and at the stone henge
Hey all - I'm not dead! I've been extremely busy with full time work for the last month - yay! it's about time! Good to make money for when mom and Holly came to visit...

They are still currently here with me --- We've seen a lot - Paris, London, Various castles up north... and still a week ahead of great adventures! Just wanted to drop a line. My blog will be updated in the next couple weeks be checking :)