Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year (almost)

Well it seems it's been such a busy year I haven't had any time to share on the blog, so before the year is through here's a little photo run through of what I did (and bailey joined me).


Kristin said...

Hey, thanks for the pictures. I can hardly believe that it's been nearly a year since you posted about the Ice on Whyte!

That was quite a handsome dude you guys posed with for your picture with ice cream. How did you do with the SUP? That's become quite the rage in Hawaii lately.

What was your favorite activity or experience of the year?

Holly said...

Sorry Kristen, seems life is still pretty busy. I just have to ask by SUP do you mean the paddle boarding, if so that was pretty cool, I got the hang of it rather quickly but I did loose balance when a wave hit me from behind and I wasn't prepared for it.
My favorite activity/experience was probably that trip to San Francisco to visit Randy and Theresa. That had some good idea for different things to do, and maybe my favorite of it all was the bike ride over Golden Gate Bridge and all over San Francisco, a long day, but really fun.

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Anonymous said...

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